Joanna Hankinson - Senior Marketing Consultant

Plane Perspective is headed up by Joanna Hankinson, a knowledgeable and well respected senior marketing consultant. She has heaps of experience across many diverse industries – from manufacturing & machining tools to legal services, from fashion outlets to windows and glazing companies, and from mental health supply chain to financial advisors.

Joanna is well-known for her ability roll up her sleeves and get to grips with a situation quickly. She rapidly immerses herself in any industry she’s working in and digs deep to understand the details of each business. When we took on a new locksmith client, Joanna took a course and learnt the trade. When working with a financial services client she studied for her financial adviser exams – and passed them too.

She’s known for her enthusiasm, her creativity and imagination, and for her utter belief that with commitment and hard work anything is possible.

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Want to know more about Joanna? Watch the video below.

Kelly Nairn - Marketing Account Manager

Kelly joined the Plane Perspective team in April 2019, bringing with her a strong background in copywriting, online retail and positive attitude.

In true Plane Perspective style, Kelly rolled up her sleeves from the get-go, diving straight into the deep end to get the job done. She thrives on the variety and excitement that marketing brings and admits that the cliché is true: “no two days are ever the same”.

In her spare time Kelly enjoys keeping fit, walking her dog, Toby, and relaxing in front of Netflix after a long day.

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Aron Huws - Marketing Account Manager

Aron joined the Plane Perspective team in January 2019 and since then has become a valued member. Communicative and personable, Aron serves customers with poise, professionalism and the odd ‘Dad’ joke. 

Although Aron works across all aspects of Plane Perspective, he shows a keen interest in website design, implementation of customer campaigns and creative problem solving.

 Hailing from Wales it’s no surprise that Aron has a love of Rugby which shows through his enthusiasm and limp after a weekend of playing. We asked Aron for his thoughts. “Rugby is a lot like marketing, you have to work hard, be a team player and be prepared to get your head down to get the job done.”

Want to know more about Aron? Watch the video below.

How we see marketing

Plane Perspective is all about providing businesses, just like yours, with all the marketing tools, action plans and creative ideas you need. We work with you and your sales team to help you get more customers and to win more business.

We don’t think marketing should be costly, a load of hassle, or wrapped up in smoke and mirrors.

We don’t believe it should be drowning in jargon either. You certainly won’t find anyone at Plane Perspective talking about open vistas of possibility not previously imagined or increasing visibility across business silos.

We also know that one size does not fit all. Therefore we listen, and we put together a package to meet your specific needs.

We believe in a straight-talking, no-nonsense approach. It’s something we like to call ‘plane speaking’.

How we work

A whole bunch of marketing services as and when you need them.

We can provide marketing support on a regular monthly basis. Or you can hire us to project manage a one-off specialist marketing campaign or job.

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