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Talk to the needle, not the haystack

What – precisely – is it that your customer needs?

There is, of course, no simple answer. Every customer is unique and needs change over time. So, can you truly satisfy everyone? Every requirement, on every occasion? And if, by some miracle, you can, is the effort worth the reward?


7 years to be proud of

Since starting up in 2013 Plane Perspective has come a long way.

Recognising that there was a demand from businesses for no nonsense, straight talking marketing support, Joanna Plane set up “Plane Perspective” with an aim to help businesses increase their sales without unnecessary cost, complexity or hassle.

Is annual planning a truly effective tool for your business?

Why do businesses have an obsession with annual planning? Do these really work for the company, or do they just drive a burst of well-meaning energy and enthusiasm in the new year? Time and again these plans falter half way through the year as they lose relevance to the changing market conditions. Flexible planning over shorter timescales can take advantage of these opportunities rather than pursuing out of date targets in a blinkered manner.

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