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Artists’ Rights and Free Speech: Can Article 13 Defend Both?

It’s fair to say that when the internet arrived, existing copyright laws weren’t prepared for it. With the growth of social media platforms, sharing has become the new norm. If you’re not sharing, you’re not contributing to the debate – whatever the topic is – and if you’re not contributing, you’re not engaged with your audience.

We’re recruiting for a Marketing Executive

Plane Perspective is seeking an enthusiastic and driven Marketing Executive to join us. This a great chance to learn a wide range of skills across the marketing mix, with a focus on delivering digital marketing content.

The plastic straw that broke the camel’s back?

A Sunday night TV programme has started a revolution. With Blue Planet II we watched entranced at the wonders of our deepest oceans. We asked whether that see-through headed fish was real or a CGI creation. Later in the series, in love with our wonderful world, we wept in despair as the true casualties of the plastics polluting our waters was brought home to us.

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