Moving to a new office means an even better Plane Perspective

A new location for our thriving business

Since 2013, when Plane Perspective relocated to offices within Wilderspool Business Park, the business has gone from strength to strength, gaining clients and employees along the way. Even when the pandemic hit in March 2020, we’ve continued to grow our business whilst improving the marketing profiles of our clients up and down the UK. We’ve also expanded our reach internationally, gaining a vast variety of clients within countries such as Germany, Spain, and the US. With this continual influx of new clients and a flourishing business, it was time to move to a bigger and brighter office space.

Our founder, Joanna Hankinson, decided that the beautiful and vibrant Warrington village of Stockton Heath was the ideal location for our new base. It is close to our original Wilderspool office but feels worlds apart. The new Chapel Lane office is a fantastic workspace designed to get the team’s creative juices flowing. It’s been beautifully decorated with brand-new work desks, computer chairs, sofas, flat-screen TVs, and the finishing touch of a blue neon sign which complements the company’s edgy brand image.

The new office is perfect for an even better Plane Perspective. It sets us up to continue our upward trajectory and enables us to offer even better support to our clients. Moving is always a challenge, but our move was the necessary next step for a growing business and its team. It reflects our continual progression and suits our position as a high-impact, straight-talking marketing agency.

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