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Is annual planning a truly effective tool for your business?

Why do businesses have an obsession with annual planning? Do these really work for the company, or do they just drive a burst of well-meaning energy and enthusiasm in the new year? Time and again these plans falter half way through the year as they lose relevance to the changing market conditions. Flexible planning over shorter timescales can take advantage of these opportunities rather than pursuing out of date targets in a blinkered manner.

Stand-up comedy, antibiotics and marketing

When planning a marketing campaign, the first and most critical step is to understand your target audience. All aspects of the campaign (the style, images, tone of voice, media etc.) must be considered with the audience in mind to focus your efforts and to maximise the campaign’s success.

Can we trust Westminster with the Northern Powerhouse?

The Northern Powerhouse! Sounds impressive doesn’t it. Several years on from it’s announcement as key investment for the UK’s future, what has changed so far? For one it’s the focus of Westminster as they look to negotiate Brexit. So it’s up to us to make it happen and push for delivery on the promises that were made.

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