Giving your brand the once over

When it comes to marketing, it’s tempting to keep doing what you’ve always done. (Even if it’s stopped working.) Or to jump on the latest rebranding or digital bandwagon, just because your competitors are doing it.

Remember those Yellow Pages ads that were getting you business 15 years ago? Probably aren’t working as well today. And that Facebook page someone set up? When was the last time anyone from your company posted on it?

Focusing on where you are and where you need to be

A marketing MOT puts your business’s marketing activity under the spotlight so we can see what’s working and what’s not.

This will include a complete audit of your marketing activity and that of your competitors’ too.

But it’s not just your marketing activity we analyse. We also run workshops with your sales teams to see how they’re operating; we conduct product analyses into who is buying what from you, how, why and when; and we look at other matters too such as establishing customer satisfaction levels and retention rates or your existing customer contact strategy.

Then we take a good hard look at your objectives. And using the data we’ve collected make informed recommendations, in an MOT report, on the best way to spend your marketing budget to get the results you want.

If you’re thinking of rebranding then stop. You don’t want to throw away good ideas and your successful routes to market along with the bits that don’t work. Our marketing MOT’s help sort the wheat from the chaff and can turn up some golden nuggets that maybe you didn’t even realise you were doing. A fresh pair of eyes can be very illuminating.

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