Marketing Packages To Boost Your Business

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. And so do our marketing services.

Jump Start

Fast brand development, reconnecting with customers

Ideal for:

  • Ensuring brand consistency across all your communications
  • Promoting your company within your industry
  • Growing sales by reconnecting with existing customers

Typically Includes:

  • Social media coverage with daily relevant updates and interaction
  • Ensuring every customer contact point with your brand is engaging and consistent
  • Making sure housekeeping is up to date e.g. Applying mechanisms for measuring activity and visitors

Second Base

Growing the business, lead generation

Ideal for:

  • Engaging with prospects and generating sales leads
  • Unlocking value within your existing customer base by understanding product popularity
  • Raising industry profile in new segments and distribution channels

Typically Includes:

  • Jump Start Activities
  • PLUS
  • Monthly website updates with news and blogs
  • Analysing customer purchases and promoting products that are underperforming
  • Creating e-shot and business development campaigns

Full Strength

Implementing a full marketing plan with long term brand development

Ideal for:

  • Companies who want a complete integrated marketing plan
  • Brands who need a professional to take ownership of all their marketing activity
  • Ensuring brand alignment and business growth

Typically Includes:

  • Second Base activities
  • PLUS
  • Creating and implementing a full marketing plan for your business
  • Creating bespoke sales collateral for individual customers
  • Marketing assistance on one-off projects
  • Supporting your sales teams

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