Plane Perspectives’ 11th Birthday

plane perspectives 10th birthday

By Joanna Hankinson

Plane Perspective has just passed its 11th birthday and a celebration feels justified. Thanks, Mum. Thanks, Dad. Your support meant the world in 2013 – and it still does today. And thanks too to Mark Rowland. He gave me a chance back then and remains a loyal client and a good friend to this day.

Let’s pop back ten years. My newly formed business was based not in an office unit, but in a bureau. I guess I wanted to prove something that I believe in wholeheartedly. Marketing isn’t just for big business. It doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. We are roll-the-sleeves-up, get-stuck-in grafters with a genuine love of helping our clients boost their organisations.

It wasn’t long before the bureau, sitting in its alcove, couldn’t contain everything I was working on. I moved, taking a suite in Warrington’s White House with room for more desks, for the team and for meeting clients. When the White House no longer worked for us, we moved again and we’re now basing Plane Perspective in the new 85,000 square foot The Hive WA1 development in Warrington. The thing is, it’s not about the address, it’s about what’s best for the business and for our clients. I’m a fan of being able to adapt and we love having the Northwest and Warrington as our home.

I’m lucky to have a fabulous team. And we are working with some of the best suppliers out there: some, just like I was, sitting at a bureau in a corner of their homes, turning out superb work for our clients. It’s been a real pleasure to support these hard-working, determined and very creative people.

The last ten years have flown by. I’ve travelled, had plenty of highs and lows, and days when I have worked around the clock. Even now, ten years on, I rarely switch off, but I’m blessed with plenty of energy and the enthusiasm is undimmed. Plane Perspective is helping businesses from around the globe, across all sectors, with their marketing effort – and achieving great results. It’s what I wanted. It’s what I’ve worked for. And it’s brilliant.

Thanks for supporting us. Thanks for letting me ramble on.

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